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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Joy is in the Journey

"How much longer?"  I hear it every time we take a long family drive.  One of my many answers offered is an invitation to look around and enjoy where we are.  If there are animals, rolling hills, flowers, or clouds that look like ducks, I point it out. 
As we travel through life, the only place we can be is right here, right now.  You can't go backwards and the destination is somewhere ahead but probably out of sight and over a hill or two.  How can you celebrate the place where you find yourself right now?  When you look around the landscape of your life, what merits thanks? 
Take the time to give thanks, to look for God in the everyday, to enjoy the blessings that are yours in the here and now.  Once you pass this location on the journey you cannot return here either.
May you have eyes to see and ear to hear the glories of the Lord that surround you.

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